What is your refund policy?

Full refunds are available up to two months before your event. Refund policy is up to the venue's discretion after that.

What type of events do you throw here?

Almost anything! The space is highly customizable. Study groups for crowds of ten people would fit in our Diner, supper clubs using our full kitchen can fit, immersive theatre shows can build into the walls and floor, and all sort of parties and shoots will fit. Weddings are also great here as we can fit a ceremony and reception. Just tell us what you are planning. 

How many people can I have at my event?

The maximum occupancy changes depend on the space(s) you rent. The Diner seats around 35 max, the Main Gallery can seat around 230 with a stage area, and the Project Room can seat around 16o with a stage area. The standing room is up to you and how packed you want your event to feel. 

Yes, with the proper permits that we can facilitate with the city. Private and corporate events (that are actually private) can often times host a bar legally without too much permitting. If you have questions about permitting you can pay us to manage or consult for you. 

Can I have alcohol at my event?


We have two spaces that are available to be made into VIP spaces: The Diner, and the Dark Lodge.

Is there a space for VIP?


We have a preferred security team for you to hire. One guard per 75 guests is the law of the land, with a minimum of two guards. Smaller events can be customized. 

Do you provide security?

Yes there are three restrooms in the main gallery, one in the project room , one in the diner and one in the Dark Lodge. You will have access to restrooms in the spaces you rent out.

Are there restrooms?


We have a full, industrial-style kitchen in the Diner featuring a three compartment sink, industrial stove, and large industrial fridge and freezer. Any caterer will be right at home. 

Can I cook here?

There is roof access, but it will be rented out as a separate space.

Is there roof access?

There are thousands of parking spaces within a one square block radius, including a parking structure directly across the street that will coordinate valet if desired. Street parking is also free after 6pm.

What is the parking situation?

The area is one of the safest in downtown and there is a Fashion District security team that patrols the area frequently.

Is the area safe?

We have some amazing partners that would come at an additional fee or you are welcome to bring in your own catering company. We have a kitchen that can accommodate them.

Are there catering options or do I need to provide my own?

We have a very small elevator in the front. We have a freight elevator in the back alley that you can use to load in large equipment and art items. It's also a great shooting location and has been approved by LAFD in the past for entry and exit. 

You're on the second floor. Is there a loading dock? Elevator?

During the day the environment is robust with activity given our location next to Santee Alley, a popular shopping destination in the Fashion District. During the evening basically empty!

What is the environment like during the day and during the evening?

We can handle cleaning for you for an additional fee if you'd like. If you don't clean up after your event in a timely manner, we may handle for you and keep your security deposit. 

Do I need to clean up after my event?

We take half of the total, agreed-upon amount to lock in your date, and the rest will be due before your event takes place. 

Is there a fee to lock in my date?

We have a hard out at 2 AM. If you require more time we may be able to work something out. No event with alcohol present will be allowed to go past 2 AM.

How late can I throw an event?