939 Studio also bears a handful of medium-sized working studios rented out to artists on a month-to-month basis. Most of our artists stick around for a long time, and many have graduated to some pretty high places in the art world. A sense of community and some great daylight goes a long way toward an active art career. See below for more. 




STUDIO 2 – 206 ft²

$600 / month. Open Air Studio.


STUDIO 3 – 133 ft²

$500 / month. Open Air Studio.


200sq ft studio similar to Studio 2 with equal access to windows. $500/mo.




STUDIO 5 - Shplinton

Quentin “Shplinton” Thomas is an artist, illustrator, graphic designer, and curator who has exhibited in galleries and museums within the L.A. and Inland Empire areas. With a psychedelic color palette caught somewhere between surrealist philosophy, AbEx painting, and skate + surf culture with a bit of art school kid tossed in, there is an entry point for a wide variety of audiences in his work.

Find him on instagram @shplinton



STUDIO 6 - Ammon Rost

The primary focus of his practice is to broadcast spiritual fact through the pictorial image. Automatic painting, the practice of “letting the art pour out of you”, free from contrived statement, is the method at play in Ammon’s work. The method opens a portal to his unconscious, allowing for ethereal emotions to crossover onto the canvas. The emotional charge dictates the aesthetics and language of form and color, consequently allowing his painting to take on a life of its own while being conceived.

Find him on instagram @ammonrost


STUDIO 7 – Shane Parker-Kast

Shane is a Santa Fe and Los Angeles based artist. He is a graduate of the California College of Arts and Crafts (CCA) where he obtained a B(FA) in glass. During his time at the CCA he studied abroad at the Burren College of Art in Ireland for 10 months and took a 3 month long portraiture class with painting master Yuqi Wang.

Find him at his website:


STUDIO 12 – Tslil Tsemet

Tslil Tsemet is a painter, sculpture, and a Tattooer based in Los Angeles, Ca.

"Through Art I examine the human species based upon the social and cultural values to which it is bond, and to those ideals we grasp in order to maintain our sanity.  Therefore, I paint and sculpt with the use of symmetrical composition, and blur the line between Kitsch and Sacrament, and thus I sanctify so called amoral, secular, modern situations.  The works play a role of mythological illustration, where the modern, western mind completes  the tale."

Find her on Instagram @the.girl.with.the.brushes/